Automatic Content Generators and why that personal touch is still needed to keep your website updated.

Automatic Content Generators and why that personal touch is still needed to keep your website updated.

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Anyone who has a website that they wish to keep vibrant and busy with a steady stream of traffic knows the value of new and unique content. If you don’t know that value of keeping your website fresh with new and unique content, I refer you to our blogs on the subject and to the constant messaging from the digital marketing team here in Dmac Media.  One of the easiest, cheapest, and most practical things you can do to promote your business online is to change images, refresh the content text and write a regular blogs to mix it up and keep your website updated. But even if this seems easy enough, it does present a problem for many business owners. They may have all their business and industry specific knowledge at their fingertips for the real time customer but freeze at the thought of putting pen to paper. Whether it’s a throwback to homework or a lack of self-confidence, many online business owners cannot face writing blogs on their own products and industry. They lack the consistency needed to keep social media fed with high end content. Here at Dmac Media we offer a copy writing service for those who want a bespoke blog or social media content, uploaded to their website at regular intervals. But this is not the only option available. AI content creators are becoming more popular and are designed to make life easier for the ecommerce business.

Content is King! That’s the maxim of all digital marketers. Being creative on a regular basis means a high level of stamina, talent and innovative writing.  Not everyone is up to the challenge. AI content generators have fast become the option for small and large businesses to have everything from a personal bio, a social media image or a full-on blog. Like generated art, generated content is celebrated with companies like Jasper, Copy AI and Kafkai offering paid for content for any of your business and social media platforms. Most content generators are American based, so you need to tweak for European spellings and colloquialisms. Within this power for assisted writing and content generation to speed up your marketing efforts there are pitfalls and plenty of room for expensive and embarrassing errors. 

AI Generated content is machine made and sometimes it sounds that way. Without the human interaction and intervention, it can read like a list of buzzwords, keywords and has been known to make very silly mistakes. AI Content creators cannot determine what social events or public opinions are hot topics and without being able to read the room, can make huge gaffes. Ryan Law, VP of Marketing at Animalz, recently wanted to test GPT-3 to see how effectively it could create a blog post from scratch with little assistance. Unfortunately the results were very disappointing. 

An illogical blog post that included little reasoning and went outside the intended scope of the piece. The article fails to share original insights and even provides incorrect evidence.

Most concerningly though, GPT-3  made up some quotes from people that were never said before. That’s enough to send shivers through any content marketer’s spine.’

AI generators also could not determine which words were potentially offensive and used ‘naughty and ‘large’ out of context.  It was clear to those conducting the study, that AI content generators needed human intervention to fully complete the brief.  The most recent and unbelievably awful mistake from an AI content generator was the KFC German push notification which urged the celebration of  the notorious 1938 pogrom on Jews with “tender cheese and crispy chicken” . The content generator was set to link local celebrations with fried chicken celebrations but in this instance the AI was without the human knowledge needed to interpret the information correctly. KFC Germany explained that it relies on a “semi-automated content creation process linked to calendars that include national observances,” adding that “in this instance, our internal review process was not properly followed, resulting in a non-approved notification being shared.” 

There is no doubt that AI content generator can be a wonderful tool for busy business owners and digital marketers wanting quick updates and new content that they are willing to pay for.  In choosing AI over the human alternative, you may forfeit personal experience and knowledge, the chance to sell your brand accuracy and with relevancy.  It is not a perfect solution and there is no substitute for an authentic local voice whether that is on your website or your social media posts.  

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